By Rajesh KC

Gulmi district, a part of Lumbini zone, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal. The district with Tamghas as district headquarters has holy places, like Ridi and Resunga hill with its rich biodiversity and historic value, are some of the fascinating places of Nepal.

Holy place of the region, Resunga is one of the most beautiful hills to visit in Nepal. Amazingly, elevated at 2347 meter above sea level, Resunga is about 3-4 hours trek from the district headquarters Tamghas. There is also a rough road -for small 4-wheelers- almost up to the top. One can have a spectacular 180 degree view of snowcapped mountains (like Mount Dhaulagiri) to the flats of Terai from the view tower. A religiously popular Yagyashala (fire place), old temples, ponds and a view tower are the attractions of the place. Region’s holy festivals Harisayani Ekadashi (June-end), Saune Aunsi (mid-August) and Haribodhani Ekadashi (mid-October) take place in Resunga annually.

I along with my friends had a great opportunity to have a memorable overnight stay at the Yagyashala’s dormitory. Though we crashed the Yagyashala at midnight at around 11:30, Yogis shown us a great hospitality and prepared food whatever they have. We dinned rice and Gundruk (dried vegetable’s soup) – very tasty!

Yagyashala in Resunga

Mt Dhaulagiri as seen from Resunga

Mount Dhaulagiri and Yagashala’s Gajur

Mountain range as seen from Resunga

Tamghas valley as seen from view tower

Resunga view tower

Gulmi disrtict headquarters Tamghas as seen from Resunga.

Bhagawati temple in Tamghas

Resunga view tower

Another holy place Ridi also known as Ruru Kshetra lies in the bank of Kali-Gandaki river in Gulmi. Thousands of Hindu pilgrims from Nepal and India pay homage to lord Rishi Keshav in Ridi during Makar Sakranti festival in mid January every year.

Ridi bazar

A hut in Ridi

Rishi Keshav temple in Ridi

Ridi Bazar

Morning Ridi and a local tailor

Ridi river

All pics by Rajesh KC